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At Loonz Studios, we offer various levels of pricing for our services. We price to fit your goals and needs! We also offer a free consultation to all of our first time clients so you can come in and check out the studio for yourself!

Tracking - $40 an hour 

We can track anything from a singer songwriter with one guitar to a full size band. We like to keep our tracking rate fair and simple. We have a three hour minimum for booking just our tracking services.

* 3 hour minimum 

Mastering - $50 per song

We offer mastering services to get your song up to the highest quality, and ready for streaming and radio play.

*Song duration may cause price increase.

Single Package - $350

We have a clean and easy bundle package. We will take your song all the way from the beginning of recording to ready for radio play in one package.

*Pricing May increase depending on the complexity of the song

Album Package - $3000-4000

Any project from 6 - 12 songs. We will take your album from beginning to end. We can do more than 12 songs, but for anything more than that we will work out a special pricing budget for that project.

Mixing/Editing $50 per song

We have a full mixing suite where we can make your music sound exactly like you imagined. We can even edit your vocal tracks to clean them up and make your pitch perfect.

Equipment Rental - $50 a song

We have all top of the line guitars, drums, and basses. If you feel your equipment isn't up to snuff, no worries we can rent you some of ours!

EP Package - $2200

Similar to the single package, but now its a clean 5-song EP bundle. We will take your whole EP and get it ready for marketing, streaming, and radio play

* Disclaimer: We require a 50% deposit for all services to get on our schedule after the free consultation. We allow two reschedules and after that the client forfeits their deposit

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