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At Loonz Studios, we have an analog rig, that leads into an all digital board which grants us the benefits of both analog and digital recording. We use Slate Digital Plug-Ins, and have a vast array of microphones to record any vocalist or instrument you could want.

Studio Design

We have multiple rooms with a large selection of pre-amps, compressors, reverbs, and various guitars, basses, and any pedal effects you can think of. We aim to capture whatever sound you are going for and have made sure we have what we need to make you sound the way you dream of sounding

Making Your Sound Possible

With all of the gear and technology we have at our disposal, we are more than confident that we can make you sound exactly how you want. Please contact us if you would like full list of the equipment we have available


We offer a full range of music production services. We offer tracking, mixing, and mastering services. Anything that your production needs, we can get done. Feel free to get in touch so we can figure out how we can help you with your project

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